Your five day Shamanic Journey to sacred sites in the Irish mountains


A transformative rite of passage at forgotten Celtic power spots

Irish Sacred Sites + Shamanic Trancework + Hiking + Storytelling = Deep Change

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Called to pursue your shamanic journey in the wilds of this magical land? Watch the video below, and book a call if you feel the pull

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This was amazing! The gorgeous, magical and spiritual places we visited - just beyond words... Through nature, the rural landscape and the forgotten sites I've fully come back to myself again. Thank you for this fantastic week - I will definitely be back!
Louise D.
Manager charity shop

What you get

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Why choose us?

Years long experience with the sites, the energies, local knowledge, a deep love for the land and a dedication to your spiritual process! Completely personalised and unique – this is a way of experiencing Ireland you won’t find anywhere else

Why Choose Us – Hiking
We know the sites, and we can adjust on a whim, depending on your stamina for the day or if your first trance work session earlier in the day has been particularly intense. A truly individual approach – No following hordes of people up the same road, trying not to get trampled by tourbuses, just looking for a whim of Ireland’s magic. We will have whole peninsula’s to ourselves. All while we take you to some of the most stunning natural sites Europe has to offer. These are the places the Instagram influencers wished they could take a picture… they just never make it to where we are going.

You will not find me in the usual places.
Come to the desert if you would like to see.
Look where you might become lost for a while.
There is a wild wilderness in me.

Techniques used during the rite of passage

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FAQ - Find more answers here...

A five day intensive retreat, filled with Shamanic practices to break through limiting believes and old patterns. As many use it as an ending point of one section of their lives, and the beginning of a new part, it can truly be called a ‘rite of passage’. I will definitely hold it like that, and hold you through the process and show you the way. The days build upon each other, to such an extent that the whole week can be called a ceremony or working by itself. It certainly feels that way.

In the best parts of Ireland; the South Western peninsula’s, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. The part that still looks like what we imagine ancient Celtic lands to look like. Hoary mountains, forgotten valleys, sleepy forests and craggy bogland, filled with tiny towns and abandoned sacred sites. It is as far away from the capital as you can get. It is the edge of the world, and perhaps Europe’s best kept secret. A place to step out of time and space, and step into myth, imagination and transformation. A place that is ripe with potential and where deep, lasting change can come effortlessly.

During the Spring, Summer and early Autumn months. Some people come specially to Ireland for their week’s retreat. Others make it part of a longer stay on the island, or as part of a longer stay in Europe. Spring, Summer and early Autumn are the best parts to visit weather wise, but there are limited options during Winter time too. These are on special request only – as the weather is far more rough and we like to go with the waves of nature, where these times are a period of downtime for us as well. If you want to come outside of the period MAR-OCT, note that availability is very limited.

We’ve been taking people into the forgotten places out West for years now. At first we just wanted to share our passion for ancient sites that are still alive. But we quickly found that everyone of these people knew within their bones that they needed to visit Ireland. It wasn’t a ‘on the bucket list thing’. It was a need​. A deep knowing. Or even, a calling. To get something from a visit to Ireland, and to give something to it, in return. What we eventually recognized is that Ireland was calling its people home. And it was doing so, to facilitate change. Over those many years, that mission has evolved to a beautiful synergy where you can act as a proxy for the land. As you clear your blockages, by proxy you can clear it for the land. As Ireland has such a huge role to play as a vocal point in where our planet is going spiritually (something you can definitely feel when you are in the mountains here), we take this work very seriously. Another reason to make sure we are a good fit for one another!

You will be picked up on day 0, from either Killarney city center, or Cork Airport. From there I will transport you to Kenmare, where your hotel is, and which will be our head quarters for our time together. This ‘pre-day’, will be spent getting you in touch with the land, introducing you to Irish nature, getting you settled and already seeing some nice sites and sights. If the time allows we will already do a small opening ceremony.

From day 1 to 5 the mornings are spent in deep transformational trancework in our own forest, nestled in a sleepy valley in the Beara mountains. There, we lay the ground work for the ceremonies that we do in the afternoons, which will be at the sacred sites on the Iveragh, Beara, Sheep’s Head or Mizen Head peninsulas (depending on the weather). In our forest, you can wander the land, take a dip in our mountain river, or ground with pulling some potatoes out of the ground. All under the trusted gaze of our oriental cats. In the afternoon, on our way to the sacred sites, we’ll make stops along the way to see both tourist highlights and​​ little known gems. Lunch is provided for, and we’ll be back in Kenmare so that you have enough time to have dinner in one of the small restaurants. The days will be very full, with ceremony, trancework and hiking. But it will be a time to never forget.

Rural Ireland is not the best place for vegans, or people with special dietary requirements like non-dairy or gluten free. Especially for tourists, it can be difficult to find the right foods, which means they often just survive on snacks for days on end. We make sure to pack healthy, nourishing lunches that cater to your special requirements, so that you have enough energy to do the deep transformational work and​ the hiking to get to the sacred sites. In the evening we’ll show you where to find restaurants that can make you good food, or help you with super market runs. Options are very limited here in the back-waters, but we help with making sure you do not have to worry about that aspect of the journey.

Yes, you are not part of a small group where only parts are individual but advertised as if it is ‘one on one’. It is truly just you and me.

Because of the techniques that I use for your transformation, and the importance of the work (see section ‘why‘ above), I’ve found that doing more than 1 person per week, even if it is just a small group, just doesn’t work.

I commit to showing you all the places, guiding you in transformation, anchoring you during your trance sessions. You show up and do the internal work. As these are 5 really intense days (6 if you count day 0 where I come to pick you up and I already take you onto the lands), the connection we form is inevitably going to be deep. As such, we need to make sure that we are a good match for each other, before we fully commit. That is what the exploratory call is about. To see if we are a good fit, and to see if what we can offer, is what you are looking for.

Some are obvious. Some are not. You would expect that an ancient stone circle is considered sacred. Maybe it was, once. But we’ve found that many have been tampered with. Or are energetically dorment. So, we take you to the ones that are still ‘alive and kicking’. You will see this on day one, where we visit one of the most visually stunning stone circles in the whole world. However, it is energetically not the strongest. Afterwards we’ll go up the mountain to its little sister, which is far more active and potent, but rarely visited.

Other places we visit are places in nature that we’ve found after years of wandering the wild here by ourselves. Places that are on no maps, that you will not find mentioned on the internet. 

All of them are unique, and intimate. They are not the massive megalithic sites of mainland Europe, or the enormous catherdrals that dot the landscape in Albion. Rather, the sites are small. A ruined small church, still potent with power. An old fortress, now in abandoned, which guards the entrance to another power spot. A peninsula without any manmade structures on it, which is itself a ‘thin place’. To the casual observer, it would be easy to discount these places, if they would even find them at all. For those with the eyes for ceremony, they are the perfect spots to go deep.

All in all, it weaves a 5 day ceremonial space for change, to break through your blockages on so many levels, that your true divine feminine can start to shine through to a level not seen before.

Yes. As you can tell from this page, I work primarily with women.

If I’d have to give an elevator pitch for my work at the sacred sites it is ‘setting you free from emotional pain and allowing your divine feminine to come to the fore’.

Over the years I’ve found that I play the role of ‘anchor’. Setting of boundaries, holding a space, guiding to doors, and removing of blockages.

It is a clean holding of the divine masculine, so you can let your divine feminine come out to play.

The way I do this in Shamanic trance, frankly, works better with women.

Different people need different things. As such, we use many different techniques to assist with your transformation – it really depends on the person and the progress of the week.

Deep meditation and trance are a staple, which can help you with putting the past in its proper place, become free from emotional pain, only leaving the insights. The freed up energy can be used to make you feel amazing, be a catalyst for change and facilitate energetic exchange with sacred sites. Shamanic drumming, the ancient art of deep story telling and hiking get you connected to the land, and supports in that way.

Lastly, depending on the person, we work with angelic assistance, ancestors and more.

We absolutely will. Whenever we get the chance, I will pull over at a tourist hotspot, do a a quick photo moment at a well-known site or show you the better tourist shops (we’ve got some really good ones). However, this will always be on the way to our sacred sites. They will never be the end destination.

Also, if you want, you can book an extra day where we drive the Ring of Kerry as a closure of your time here.

Yes, I do make some Youtube videos, under the channel name Adventures In Quiet Places. If you are not a referral through one of your friends, that is most probably how you found me. Me and Ciara wanted to share our passion with going off the beaten path with more people, and thus Adventures Youtube was born. However, we also live in a very small community in the middle of nowhere, that is still quite conservative. As such, we’ve kept our profile relatively ‘normal’, to be able to integrate into that community. But, if you go into the videos, you will see little hints of our true love for myth, spirituality and the other-than-human shine through here and there. Word travels fast here, so until now its been a conscious choice to try to not scare off the nice people too much with the work that we actually​ do. So, the videos are an aspect of who we are. But just a small aspect 🙂
Due to some techy stuff, this ‘book a calls’ page is temporarily hosted on my bride’s website. Her name is Ciara and you will see her in many of our videos and photos. The page will soon migrate to its own web domain. After you book a call with me to see if we are a good fit, feel free to take a look at Ciara’s work too – as we will be inviting you into our garden and forest for 5 days. Perhaps there is something in her work that resonates with you too.

No catch. But there are expectations to set up front.

You will have to be in good health, and be able to do at least 6000 steps a day. This is a non-negotionable.

You also have to have a fearless heart. Deep trance work shines a light in places were you might not want to look. I do not do therapy. I expect you to fearlessly look what comes up in the eye, so that it can be released. I’ll be right there, cherishing you, guiding you, showing you the way. But again, I must stress – this is not therapy. But I do work with powerful inner change technology to free up energy in yourself, so that it can also be freed upon the land. This means I expect honest, open conversation from you to tell me what is going on inside of you. This is deep, intimate team work we are about to embark upon.

Our home is a work in progress – we are still building it. So is our garden and forest. It is not a finished product. Don’t expect immaculate woodlands. One winter storm would tear that to shreds. Rather, it is forest slowly growing into maturity on reclaimed ancient sheep fields. It is a bit rough around the edges.

In the same way, the car we will take will be clean, but small and a bit banged up. On the backroads here you either have a enormous truck, or a small car you can zip about in. All of them have seen better days. Do not expect luxury in our forest or car – but practicality and a focus on your journey.

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Ireland is ancient. It was already old when there were fewer stars overhead. In the time when the moon did not light up the night sky just yet.

Before the forests were cleared. Before the mighty megaliths got erected. Before the great Irish Elk found a home here. There was already power. Flowing. Seeking. Pregnant with potential.

There were those who knew. Who recognised. Who witnessed. And who became stewards. Those who knew the sacred, secret names of the goddess of this land. Who walked with Her, in her many incarnations among the bogland, through the woods and along the rivers banks of this Emerald Isle.
Walk with me.


At the edge of the campfire, they taught us. She taught us. How to survive on her shores. How to thrive, as long as we honored her. And if we did, we could wield that power, in a sensual dance of co-creation. Where we would be the beloved of this land, and we, in turn, would fall hopelessly in love with her. Together, a beacon for the world. Life would not be easier with these secrets. But it would be magical.

Sacred Grove
Stone Circle
Thin Place

You are invited back to Inis Fáil - the Isle of Destiny - to once again dwell among the places of power. As steward. Megalithic stone circles. Ancient wedge tombs. Ruined monasteries in long forgotten valleys. To do ceremony. To bring your gifts. To bear witness.

Your travels have been long.
Allow yourself to be cherished once more as the Beloved of this ancient land.
To stir the Caribou dust in your bones.
And let magic flow.